Tuesday, July 24, 2001

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Monday, July 16, 2001

tanpa border

Friday, June 29, 2001

muka baru

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

semalam belgium

the week before
rumah cik daun

dia tgh buat report tuh

jangan kacau dia

*sekejap lagi kene kejar bas kat holland international signboard*

rumah cik daun meriah

masa sampai kat portsmouth
kak noer amik ( betul tak eja? )
especially kak Ina ( special tribute sbb dia mintak ed jadik adik ipar dia)
adik dia study kat Kent england



kak pinkie ( aisyah ) dah lama rayu adik dia
kak emon sengih jer

makan hari-hari sedap
pastuh gi isle of wight


dan jalan lagi

sampai bila?

wait for me at the MSP I'national Airport Jun 6

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

from UK with love:

imperfection is beauty

to die is to reach imperfection

org london tak pakai seluar koyak
neither does of portsmouth

london remind me of malaysia
sama jer

takder la beza ngan malaysia


Saturday, May 12, 2001

assalamulaikum wbh
greetings sapiens!

saya akan meninggalkan dunia internet utk bercuti mulai mei 16 sehingga jun 8..sekiranya anda menghantar sebarang surat elecktronik, di harap anda tidak akan menunggu balasan lebih awal dari tarikh yg disebutkan.
i am leaving for my vacation from this tuesday, may 16 untill jun 8...and if you in case did email me, please do not expect any replies sooner than that.

thank you


i think i know a little bit better about myself
if i am angry about something
i will half an hour to recover from my anger
5 minutes will be me cursing around in a loud voice
10 minutes will be me regretting that i had cursed
7.5 minutes will be me wonderng why am is sitting without doing anything
7.5 minutes will be me pujuking my self and tell myself that everything will be allright
perfect 30 minutes

i was mad this morning
i already lost my voice
feeling feverish
no voice
cannot complains

lost my shower gel
somebody took it
i just have use it twice

then again mad at myself for losing my voice
hate it!!!!!

then take 30 minutes to recover
then left for lunch and laundry

i fell better!

Thursday, May 10, 2001

tuh jenel semalam

(if life success is measured by how many A's you got)
(i would end up being a golf course caretaker)
(by the time i graduated form college)

if life success is measured by how many A's you got
bill gates would not be microsoft CEO
and einstein would not have gotten a nobel prize
and bush would have not been elected as the US president

if life success is measured by how many F's you got
then john urheim would not be my physics professor
and william durfee would not teach me intro to ME
and chuck swanson would not teach me c++ programming

if life success is measured by how many B's and C's and D's you got
then college would not have exist
and schools would be abolished
and the word "graduation" would not exist
no dean's list

then what is life succes measured from?
according to Ralph Waldo Emerson
it is winning the brain of the scholars
and the affection of children
and the amount of smile you give a day
and how you see your world in a positive way

because it is not who that critize that counts
neither it is who watch and laugh that counts
but the person who play the main role of his/her life that counts

[me memujuk hati yg sedang lara, sigh! ]